Funeral Singer Brisbane

If you are looking for a funeral singer in Brisbane we would be honoured to help you create a intimate and special time for your family and friends.  

A funeral is a time to say goodbye and reflect on a loved ones life and no funeral ceremony can be complete without music. For those who have just lost someone the sound of music can be soothing and healing, a time of reflection.

To create an everlasting memory you need a singer that can connect with a gathering of friends and family in a special way. A carefully chosen song to accompany the nature of the service is the first step.

How To Choose Funeral Music

Think about the persons life you are reflecting on:

Did he or she have a particular song or a style of music they were particularly fond of? 

Remember, The funeral music you select does not have to be traditional “funeral music.” Today, many people opt for songs that have significance to the person being honored rather than selecting from a list of standard choices.

Decide what type of tone you would like to set.

Listen to the songs you are considering with that in mind. If you would like an upbeat service, your selections may be different than those selected to set a more reflective mood.

Take a look at the person’s own music library.
If you have access to the person’s MP3 player, streaming account, or CD collection, it can give you insight into the type of music that was most meaningful to them.

Funeral Ceremony Songs

  • Ave Maria
  • Danny Boy
  • You Raise me Up
  • My Father’s Eyes
  • Lean On Me
  • What a Wonderful World
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

Ave Maria ( Saint Patricks Church )

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Funeral Ceremony

$ 499
  • 1 Hour Service
  • 3 songs from our songlist
  • 20km Radius Brisbane CBD
  • Includes PA system