Wedding Music

Which Option Is Best for Your Wedding Music: a Band or a DJ?

You may have all the aspects of your wedding pegged down to the last detail, except one: wedding music. Music is important for any event but for a wedding, music can make or break your big day. For most couples, there are two major options available: hiring a live band or hiring a DJ. Each of these options has its advantages so you may want to consider some comparisons and see which one is truly the best for your wedding.

What makes a band a great choice?

Hiring a band to perform at your wedding brings with it a number of advantages over hiring a DJ. First of all, you will have at least two musicians entertaining your guests and bringing energy and enthusiasm to the room. A great band and singer can connect with the audience much more so than a DJ playing recorded songs ever could. In terms of genre, a jazz singer tends to add an element of sophistication to any event and jazz is a style that guests of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Having a singer perform at your wedding is also more visually exciting and certainly more romantic than simply having a DJ. Remember that you want your wedding to be memorable and having a band can really add to the ambiance of the evening and ensure an unforgettable wedding that your guests will remember fondly for years to come.

What makes a DJ a great choice?

A DJ is a cheaper choice and may be a better choice if you don’t have the budget for a band. However, keep in mind that investing in a band for your wedding can make your special day truly memorable and unique.

Most DJ’s will be able to play a large repertoire of songs – although they may not cater to all tastes. They should have all the latest hits and classics. Your guests may approach the DJ to ask for their favorite tunes and this sometimes can make the music sound disjointed. For example, if the DJ is playing a pop song and then a guest requests a rock song from the 1970’s. A good DJ will be able to make these two genres work together but unfortunately, there are many cowboys out there and not all DJs are created equal.

When you are weighing up both options here are some things to look out for:

  • Testimonials: how experienced is the band or DJ? What do their past clients say about them?
  • Sound systems: What type of sound system do they use? Will that work in the room where your wedding is being held?
  • Versatility: How versatile is the band or DJ? For example, can the band play some laid back music over dinner and then some songs that your guests can dance to towards to end of the evening?
  • Schedule: Can the band or DJ play to your schedule? For example, if you have speeches – can they be flexible?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one of these options is right for you. Most brides opt to hire an experienced live band if the cost is within their budget.  Hiring a live band may be more costly but remember that this investment will ensure your special is unforgettable.