Wedding Entertainment Sydney Should It Be Live Music

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July 15, 2017
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Wedding Entertainment Sydney Should It Be Live Music?

When it comes to wedding entertainment Sydney the top priority for engaged couples is, of course, that of a memorable wedding. There are numerous factors that determine whether or not a wedding is one to remember or best left forgotten. A wedding venue must have the right decorations. Everybody needs to be enjoying them. There should be good food at the reception. It all serves to create a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere. There is one thing that should not be left out of a great wedding ceremony or reception: music.

Setting The Ambiance

Music helps to set the entire tone of the ceremony and reception. It can create an atmosphere entirely on its own. It can put guests at ease, make them smile or cry when the bride marches down the aisle, and it can, of course, make people want to dance. A wedding just does not feel like a wedding without the right music to go along with it. Through out your wedding day, there will be moments that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life and those moments should be set to perfect music.

Many couples will resolve to hire a DJ to play the music at their wedding and reception. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a DJ there are some things that a DJ cannot do that a live musician can. For example, a live musician or band is better suited to playing and adapting to the mood of the crowd. They are able to change tempo and song with relative ease whereas a DJ may have to awkwardly stop a song entirely before changing to another one. A live band can connect with a crowd in a way that a DJ simply cannot.

Timeless Music

One of the most popular kinds of musicians to have at a wedding is Jazz. Jazz is wonderful for weddings because it is in equal measure romantic, lively, and improvisational (depending on the performer). Jazz has appeal for multiple generations and is timeless. You do not have to worry about a song that is inappropriate for the younger guests making it past your musicians. A live band’s ability to improvise is also a great boon to any wedding. While a DJ can only work with the songs they brought with them a band can be instructed and adapt to those instructions virtually on the fly.

It may sound like hiring a jazz band is expensive, and while it is true that it can cost more than a DJ you should keep in mind that going the cheaper route is not always the best solution. It is your big day and you want to do everything you can to make it memorable, enjoyable, and unique. If you are concerned with the budget but want to get the best results from your money then you could hire a duo or trio band to perform. It does not take a large number of instruments to create great sounding jazz music, after all.

When choosing a singer to play at your wedding you do not want to leave the job to a family member or friend. At your reception, you would much rather have that person be a guest. Instead, choose a song that has testimonials and experience with singing at weddings. If you live in the Sydney area, for example, one song that comes highly recommended is Charlotte Rose. She has performed at numerous functions such as corporate events, hotels, private parties, and a large number of weddings. She has even performed in venues such as Sydney Town Hall, Pier One Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park, and the Sydney Intercontinental Hotel. Unlike with hiring a family member, her experience means you’ll be able to rely on her to handle any problems and to give your wedding the proper musical ambiance.

So when it comes to wedding entertainment Sydney Charlotte certainly has the experience on the local scene and has the testimonials of her performance to back it up. On top of performance, an artist like Charlotte Rose who has experience with a great number of events will be able to give you more ideas of how you want your special day to play out. When you work with a professional musician you are working with someone who is creative and well versed in tasteful showmanship. An experienced musician can work with you to create a romantic, one-of-a-kind experience. It is a personal touch and level of creativity and commitment that a DJ cannot supply but a singer such as Charlotte Rose can. For more information about Charlotte click here